Design of a Pedal Powered Machine to Enhance Shear Nut Processing

dc.contributor.authorAboagye, Benjamin
dc.descriptionCapstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, May 2022
dc.description.abstractShea nut is a very important commodity across many parts of the African Continent. The Shea tree has numerous socio-cultural and economic benefits to people living in its geographic area and to the nation at large. Despite the fact that the shea nut industry has contributed significantly to the economic growth of the nation, the method (manual/traditional) by which shea products are processed is tedious and time-consuming which need to be addressed. The current work focused on designing a pedal powered machine that would enhance shea nut roasting. Conceptualization was achieved with free hand sketches and 3d models using SolidWorks. Methodology involves numerical calculation, static analysis, fatigue analysis, vibrational simulation, in SolidWorks. The results showed that the stress on the shaft lies at the edges of the fins, and the factor of safety obtained after design lied between 1.9 to 5.5. Also, the result showed the minimum natural frequency of the cylinder to be ranging from 2947.5 Rad/sec and the maximum being 13449 rad/sec. The result implies that the shaft design was safe as far as the factor of safety is concerned and excessive vibrations beyond the minimum frequencies might lead to structural and functional issues.
dc.description.sponsorshipAshesi University
dc.identifier.citationAboagye, B. (2022). Design of a Pedal Powered Machine to Enhance Shear Nut Processing. Ashesi University.
dc.publisherAshesi University
dc.titleDesign of a Pedal Powered Machine to Enhance Shear Nut Processing
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