China as a Means to an End: Analysing China's Infrastructure Investment in Africa: A Case Study of Kenya

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The reality of China’s global economic power and influence is that the Asian nation’s actions often have resulting effects on other nations around the world. Expansive initiatives such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) and the “21st Maritime Silk Road” valued at trillions of dollars embody the superpower’s ambition and equal capacity to boost its economic growth. With trade as a channel of priority in achieving that economic expansion, the implications of China’s global expansion initiatives are applicable not only to African nations but to future dealings involving Africa-China collaboration. Evidence from study findings details complementary and competitive impacts with direct or indirect effects. As such, Africa has every incentive to gain an understanding of the effects China’s infrastructure investment can have on Africa’s development, and the livelihoods of the citizens of partner nations to the BRI. This study explores the impacts of China’s infrastructure on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Considering 42 Sub-Saharan African nations have assented to collaboration between them and China, understanding the implications of this cooperation can enable African nations to navigate the growing Africa-China relationship. By making an in-depth country-level analysis of the impacts China’s infrastructure investment has, measured through a case study of Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway, this case realized a holistic picture of how beneficial Africa’s cooperation with China truly is, given the nature of these impacts on livelihood and development. Polarised views on the topic of China’s SSA influence provide further significance for the study’s findings. The findings hold relevance in relation to the creation of Africa-centered policy for future international interactions.
Undergraduate thesis Submitted to the Business Administration Department Ashesi University In partial Fulfillment of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.
Amoafo, K. E. T. (2022). China as a Means to an End: Analysing China's Infrastructure Investment in Africa: A Case Study of Kenya, Undergraduate thesis. Ashesi University Berekuso.54pgs.