A web-based customer database management system for Cadmus Electronics Ltd. with bulk SMS notification feature

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DSTV is a satellite television service provider established by Multichoice that provides entertainment services via satellite TV to residents in African countries on a monthly basis. To continue enjoying DSTV’s services, subscribers pay monthly fees via options such as Mobile Money, PayPal, and DSTV Dealers or agents. There are many DSTV Dealers in Ghana, and among the popular ones is Cadmus Electronics Ltd., which functions as both an electronics company and a Dealer for both DSTV and Canal+ (a similar satellite television service for francophone subscribers). With the existence of several DSTV Dealers in the country, Cadmus faces a tough competition of attracting customers to pay their DSTV bills through their branches in order to obtain higher revenue. Without a database of new and regular customers, Cadmus is unable to keep track of its growth rate and also promote its brand as the best DSTV dealer in the country. Cadmus desires to be the primary point of contact for all DSTV-related issues, enquiries and payments which will increase its revenue and popularity in Ghana. This project seeks to build a web-based customer database management system for Cadmus Electronics, called OrionMonitor, which will also have a bulk SMS feature which will notify its customers of monthly payments to be made and provide detailed options for payment (e.g. Mobile Money or Cadmus branches).
Applied project submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, April 2018
Cadmus Electronics, customer database, DSTV, web application