Laser application of nanocomposite hydrogels on cancer cell viability

Danyuo, Yiporo
Salifu, A. A.
Ani, C. J.
Dozie-Nwachukwu, S.
Ezenwafor, Theresa
Yirijor, J.
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MRS Advances
Nanocomposite hydrogels of poly-n-isopropyl were prepared by incorporating gold and magnetite nanoparticles. The nanocomposite-based hydrogels formed were geometrical, ~7.3 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick (in the swollen state). Morphological analysis was characterized by a scanning electron microscope. Drug-loaded hydrogels were subjected to laser heating at 1 W, 1.5 W and 2 W for 20 min in each laser cycle. The metabolic activities of the cells were analysed. The photothermal conversion efficiency of the nanocomposite hydrogels was also evaluated for P(NIPA)-AuNP-PG and P(NIPA)-MNP-PG to be 36.93 and 32.57 %, respectively. The result was then discussed for potential applications whereby metalbased hydrogels can be employed in microfluidic devices for targeted cancer drug delivery.
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nanacomposite materials , hydrogels , cancer treatment