Development of a sustainable business model development for Biblionef Ghana

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Biblionef Ghana is a non-governmental organisation that provides new story books to underprivileged schools and holds other activities that aid in getting children to love reading. Biblionef Ghana is however being weaned off by their parent organisation, Biblionef Netherlands, and has therefore had a reduction in the amount of funds that they are receiving from them. Due to this, Biblionef Ghana has had to halt some of their important projects as they are facing difficulty with fundraising and have insufficient funds to handle those projects. Mainly qualitative research was emplored, with interviews and observations as data collection tools. It was discovered that Biblionef Ghana has poor publicity, is short staffed, and has an underperforming library. A needs assessment was carried out and it was gathered that the development of an appropriate business model is what Biblionef Ghana needs to become self-sustaining. Literature provided that for an NGO to become sustainable, it should fix its funding model, diversify its sources of income, and have more skilled workers. It proved that what Biblionef Ghana truly needs is a sustainable business model because a business model shows how an organisation can make and sustain its profit stream. Using a business model canvas, a business model depicting the current state of Biblionef Ghana was designed in order to derive a more appropriate, sustainable business model for the company. This business model was designed in such a way that will help the company become more income generating, have lower costs and provide greater publicity for the business, thereby ensuring sustainability. An implementation plan and recommendations were provided thereafter.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2018
Biblionef Ghana, NGO, business model