The influence of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behavior in the Ghanaian fashion industry

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This research paper explores the influence of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behavior in the Ghanaian fashion industry. The objective of the research is to assess the effects of celebrity endorsement and give recommendations to Ghanaian fashion companies about how they can effectively use it. The study’s population consists of all female students of three universities: Ashesi University, Wisconsin University and University of Ghana; out of which a sample of 156 was selected through convenience sampling technique. The study involved both primary and secondary research. Secondary research comprised critical review of past literature on celebrity endorsement and consumer buying behavior. The primary research involved the administration of questionnaires. Data was analyzed by using R statistical tool and Microsoft Excel. The study established that celebrity expertise, celebrity attractiveness and celebrity credibility have a positive effect on consumer buying behavior. The study finally recommended cosmetic companies about how they should find out the kind of celebrities that their target customers prefer. For instance respondents declared that actors and actresses, sport starts and musicians are the most influential celebrities to them. Hence, the cosmetic companies should consider to use such celebrities. Also, celebrities who endorse cosmetic products should make sure that they prove to society that they use the endorsed products so that the customers will believe them. Lastly, cosmetic companies should make sure that they use effective adverts which will be recalled by consumers and they should also use celebrities who are attractive, credible and skilled.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2018
Ghana, fashion, consumer behavior, celebrity endorsement, marketing