Challenges posed by Ghana's land tenure system on investment projects in real estate

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Some of Ghana developmental problems have been attributed to its current land tenure system. These problems include land conflicts and the lack of female representation. This study investigates challenges posed by the land tenure system, and how these problems affects investment projects in the real estate sector. These investment projects include investments made by both foreign and local real estate investment projects. The study provides recommendations based on the results on how to modify Ghana’s current the land tenure system to achieve better outcomes in terms of local and foreign investment. The research questions answered include: (i) What threat (s) does Ghana’s current land tenure system pose for investment projects in the real estate sector?” and (ii) what strategies can be used to optimize the current land tenure system to attract and sustain foreign and local real estate investment?. Data was collected from individual landowners and real estate companies using a survey. In total, data was collected from 17 individual landowners and 3 real estate companies. The result of the study showed that individual take longer time to register land as compared to real estate companies. The study found that both individual investors and real estate companies faces challenge of disputes over land ownerships, multiple claimants to same property, inaccurate maps to enable land registrations, delays to projects as a result of unnecessary bureaucracy in land tittle registration, other effect in terms of financial cost and time etc. Respondents proposed digitization of land administration system in Ghana to reduce risk of multiple ownership of lands, synchronizations of various agencies working with land tittle registration in Ghana, training more surveyors to help reduce time it takes to register land etc.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2020
residential sector, customary land tenure, land registration, land management system, Ghana