Challenges facing Ghanaian subsistence maize farmers in scaling up production and transition to agri-business

dc.contributor.authorShabangu, Zethu Tanele
dc.descriptionUndergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2020
dc.description.abstractAgricultural productivity in Ghana has been declining for a while (Adombila, 2018). As a result, imports to the country have been increasing (Ghana Commercial Guide, 2019). The Daily Graphic news mentioned that food imports in Ghana averaged to $2.4 billion every year and that includes maize, sugar, meat, rice imports and many other items (Adombila, 2018). Secondary information gathered from different literature review explains why productivity in the Ghanaian agricultural sector has been decreasing. Most of the information gathered is situated around the case of smallholder farmers. Smallholder farmers are farmers practicing subsistence farming (A framework for the development of smallholder farmers through cooperatives development, 2012). Smallholder farming is one of the dominant sector in the in African agricultural sector (Zuma, 2013). This study, therefore focuses on the Ghanaian subsistence maize farmers and the challenges they face, that prevent them from transitioning and scaling up production to agribusiness. Agribusiness is a business that produces, sell and distribute farm products on a large scale ("Agribusiness definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary", n.d.). The main focus area is in Berekuso in the Eastern region of Ghana. The study will answer the following questions: what are the main challenges that compel Berekuso subsistence corn farmers to still practice subsistence farming in the 21 century instead of transitioning to agri- business? and what can be done differently to help subsistence corn farmers to transition to agribusiness? Primary data for this study was collected using in-depth interviews with structured questions for the subsistence corn farmers to answer.
dc.description.sponsorshipAshesi University
dc.titleChallenges facing Ghanaian subsistence maize farmers in scaling up production and transition to agri-business
dc.typeUndergraduate thesis
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