Augmented reality as a tool to promote tourism in Ghana

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This thesis seeks to find out if using Augmented Reality (AR) in Ghana's tourism industry is feasible in promoting its tourism activities. As developed countries have been well versed in the use of technology trends like Augmented Reality in their tourism sector, the researcher wants to determine if such integration in Ghana's tourism sites will be well patronized. In this paper, the researcher designed and built an Augmented Reality Tourism website to give users an interactive graphic experience of a tourist site through their devices. Volunteers from social media, both Ghanaians and foreigners, who wish to participate in the research process were the participants of the study. The study took place in this order: the link to the AR Tourism website was posted on social media, the participants clicked on the link to the website to interact with it. After, they were required to fill a questionnaire that aimed to get insights into the participants experience using the AR Tourism website, how effective the system was and if it informed a possible tourist's decision to take a tour. Microsoft Excel was used to analyze the data received from the data collection process. The results from analyzing the data gathered from the questionnaires showed that Augmented Reality would be suitable for the Ghanaian setting. The majority of the possible tourists who responded to the questionnaire are willing to take a tour in Ghana after experiencing a tourist site through Ghana's Augmented Reality application, once implemented, hence boosting its tourism sector due to increased local and international patronage.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in / Management Information Systems, May 2021
online tourism experience, Ghana tourism