Ashesi University (international student) brand audit

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Ashesi University needs to establish ways in which it could address its limited brand awareness in many parts of the African continent, with the help of its international students. This led to the need to understand the perceptions, attitudes and relationship of international students towards the brand of Ashesi. This would help in identifying sources of brand equity for Ashesi University, and opportunities in which the external relations office could use to promote brand awareness. This project therefore is a study of the perceptions and attitudes of international students towards the Ashesi brand. The findings from research will help in developing recommendations on methods of capturing value through international students, as well as how any negative issues arising could be solved. The research revealed that majority (95.7%) of international students feel proud of Ashesi of Ashesi and 82.6 % regard Ashesi as Special.63.5% believe that Ashesi provides a unique, useful high quality education. Generally, concerns were raised on the inactive student social life at the campus. Some of the opportunities for brand awareness include transformational marketing as well as the use of Ashesi international students as Brand Ambassadors in their own countries. Key issues that needed to be addressed, touched on the low satisfaction of international students with regards to current student social life at Ashesi. The final compilations of the analysis and findings are compiled into a report using Keller’s Brand Resonance Model/ Customer-Based Brand Equity Model.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University College, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2017
Ashesi University College, brand awareness, brand audit, international students