Peer bullying culture in an all-male senior high school in Cape Coast: Impacts on business leadership in Ghana

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The study sought to investigate whether the peer bullying culture in an all-male senior high school in Cape Coast is related to business leadership and job performance of these students post high school. Specifically, the study explored the various ways in which the bullying-like behaviors in Adisadel College influenced the likelihood of students to transform into successful business leaders after completing high school. The main question adopted for the study was: are there any relationships (positive or negative) between the peer bullying culture in high school, job performance and successful business leadership operations in Ghana? An exploratory research was adopted in answering the question of the study. Through this, a sample of one hundred and thirty (130) old students of Adisadel College who constituted those in active employment and those schooling at the tertiary level were used for the phase one of the study. Interviews, which constituted the second phase of the study, was conducted with twenty (20) business leaders from the same school, to answer the research question. Findings indicated that there is a positive relationship between the experience of the bullying-like behaviors as a tradition in Adisadel College and its influence on successful leadership operations in Ghana. However, the exhibition of bullying-like behaviors should be understood in the context of the environment in which it operates, as it could have severe detrimental effects in some other instances. Keywords: peer bullying culture, business leadership, business environment, all-male senior high school, Ghana, productivity, job performance
Thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2018
Ghana, Adisadel College, single-sex, leadership, performance, bullying