Improving efficiency through layout optimization for Les Klar Couture.

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Les Klar Couture is a fashion company located in Ghana and noted for its simple, decent but classy designs. Selling at affordable prices, Les Klar hopes to expand its operations worldwide, a few years to come. It, however, focuses on empowering its clients to have confidence in themselves and to dress to suit their body sizes. The company currently runs its main branch at North Industrial Area and is yet to operate at its new branch in Kasoa. However, after conducting a needs assessment test, it was realized that the layout plan adopted in the old branch does not allow the workers to be very efficient due to lack of space. The owner is therefore unsure of which layout plan to adopt for the new branch. Thus, intensive research was carried out to explore and understand how the layout strategies adopted by firms, influences the efficiency of workers. Again, this can have a large influence on the perceptions clients create about a brand. A well designed layout also prevents casualties that may occur in the workplace. Thus, Les Klar adopted a layout plan that encompasses both the office layout and the process-oriented layout for the new branch. An implementation plan in a 3D format was created for the company to enable them to operate the new branch. Part of the solution was however implemented by the company but could not be fully implemented due to unavailability of the remaining equipment. For this solution to work effectively, the company should employ experts to aid with an inventory management system to help them minimize cost and to increase their presence on social media through various forms of advertisements.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2019
Accra, workspace layout, customer service, work practices, garment production, workplace efficiency