Design and Construction of An IOT-Based Retrofitting Unit for Streetlight Monitoring

dc.contributor.authorAsare, Ted Otchere
dc.descriptionCapstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.
dc.description.abstractStreetlights in many parts of Ghana are manually controlled or have circuitry designed to switch the light at preset times. While these configurations allow the streetlights to provide lighting at night, there are cases where the lights remain on during the day when not needed. Due to this problem, electrical energy is wasted, and unexpected costs are incurred. In other cases, the streetlights may become faulty without the notice of authorities or technicians, and this problem may affect the safety of road users at night. This project seeks to retrofit intelligence to streetlights to gather insightful data, monitor and control streetlights, and reduce the energy consumption of streetlights in communities. The project explores a low-cost, energy-efficient system that allows streetlights to communicate in a network and transfer data required for remote monitoring and control of streetlights. The monitoring system implements the management of streetlights through a web application interface that enables an administrator to monitor, control and analyze data from any internet-enabled device. The results from the prototype implementation prove that the streetlight monitoring system is about 80.1% energy efficient when the light source is dimmed to about a fifth of its total capacity when the roads are not busy. The results also demonstrate the prototype fulfils the design requirement to monitor malfunctioning lights by alerting the administrator, technician or user to control or visit the streetlight site for servicing remotely. The testing of the various system components demonstrated the feasibility, functionality, and security of the streetlight monitoring system.
dc.description.sponsorshipAshesi University
dc.identifier.citationAsare, T.O (2021). Design and Construction of An IOT-Based Retrofitting Unit for Streetlight Monitoring, Undergraduate project. Ashesi University, Berekuso. 54pgs.
dc.titleDesign and Construction of An IOT-Based Retrofitting Unit for Streetlight Monitoring
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