Health Kiosk: An IoT based community health center

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Timely access to quality health care is an essential part of the well-being and health of individuals in any community. However, access to healthcare has been a significant problem throughout the world. The WHO estimates that over 50% of the world's population do not have access to needed healthcare services. This reveals the massive gap between the available healthcare facility and the demand for healthcare. In Ghana and most developing countries, the lack of health facilities has resulted in overcrowding in hospitals and pressure on the available facilities. It is against this background that this project seeks to design and develop an IoMT Point of Care (POC) system (called the Health Kiosk) to bridge the gap between the availability and demand for healthcare at a reltively lower cost. The Health Kiosk is comprised of a hardware component that collects patient's vitals and transmits them to an online database. The vitals can then be accessed from a web application that collects patient health records and enables doctors to provide diagnoses and prescriptions. The system also hope to enable doctors to track their patients' medical history while allowing patients to monitor their health on the go.
Capstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, May 2021
remote health monitoring, web application