Intelligent healthcare: IoT-based monitoring of bed occupancy at health institutions

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We are in a period of our lives where technology occupies or plays a part in every field. Such fields may include Agriculture, Banking, Sports, Healthcare just to mention a few. How is tracking bed occupancy a problem? Being able to monitor the number of patients being admitted to a particular healthcare institution prevents delayed medical attention and this can lead to further complications of the patient and sometimes death. Tracking bed occupancy in healthcare institutions, in general, can be a situational problem hence projecting to be an issue. This project seeks to develop a system that identifies and monitors the general activities of patients specifically bed occupancy rates in hospitals (that is a patient occupying a bed or not) so individuals with emergencies would be referred to the right available places before it is too late. This proposed system will have the functionality of also determining the state in which the person is lying, sitting, etc. The system would work during inactive visiting times of the hospital. Doctors and Health Administrators will be able to keep their patients safer and that is the importance of the Bed Monitor.
Capstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, May 2021
healthcare, beds, monitoring