Radio and television application (RNTApp)

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In Ghana, many media houses, both radio and television, have sprung up and thus have increased the level of competition amongst them. Advertisement is one area where media houses try to have an edge over their competitors. Some media houses advertise their programs in newspapers whiles others do so on billboards. However these methods of advertisement are expensive and media houses cannot do it as often. Media houses also advertise programs that involve the participation of viewers and listeners such as commenting on programs and voting. Both of these activities involve viewers and listeners memorizing some name or code of some sought which creates a problem. In the case of commenting on programs, viewers and listeners have to memorize social media profile names of the media house they are commenting into. Voting for nominees of reality shows for instance also involves viewers and listeners memorizing short codes for their preferred nominee. Another problem is created when viewers and listeners miss their favourite programs. The RNTApp is a radio and television application which seeks to address all these problems. Media houses now will only have to upload their program schedules into a database created for them without incurring any costs. Viewers and listeners no more have to memorize social media profile names as it would be provided by the media houses in the application. Voting for nominees is made simple with the names and the pictures of nominees listed instead of memorizing short codes. With RNTApp, viewers and listeners will be able to set reminders of favourite programs they would not want to miss. The RNTApp benefits both media houses and viewers and listeners and will enrich viewer and listener participation into programs aired by media houses which will also enrich the programs in effect.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University College, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, April 2013
radio, television, social media, mobile app, Ghana