Improved logistic management for NANAPATT Mattresses

dc.contributor.authorBerimah, Precious-Pearl Naneki
dc.descriptionApplied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2021
dc.description.abstractNANAPATT Mattresses is an enterprise that started active operations in 2018. It was founded by Mr Moses Tetteh Berimah. It has a main branch and one subsidiary branch, both located in Madina, Ghana. It deals in the sale of foreign new mattresses and aims at providing its customers with quality mattresses of different sizes. Over the years, it was realized by the company that they were incurring high costs in their logistics management process, especially during the process of acquiring new consignments from the harbour. The hiring of different trucks to receive these consignments is costly because the prices they demand differ, and these differences are huge and keep increasing. Another issue that was noticed was that customers who made purchases faced difficulties transporting the mattresses to their various destinations. This project aims at improving the logistic management process of NANAPATT Mattresses. Some solutions to curb such gaps in logistics include; identifying an efficient and affordable transport company that would be responsible for transporting consignments on arrival from the harbour to the shops, purchasing trucks that would be used in transporting mattresses and also helping customers with their new purchases among others. The decision to outsource a business process is primarily based on the availability of resources in the business, how critical the process is and so on. The solution is a designed logistics framework that NANAPATT Mattresses can adopt in their transport process and inventory management. The aim is to explain the importance of taking outsourcing decisions and how they can be implemented. The solution includes decisions on multiple sourcing, the All shipments via intermediate distribution centre with storage transportation design and the Periodic inventory systems. (Chopra, 2016).
dc.description.sponsorshipAshesi University
dc.subjectdelivery servicesen
dc.titleImproved logistic management for NANAPATT Mattresses
dc.typeApplied projecten
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