Zer0Clock: An online appointment booking system

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Research shows that queuing is a problem in Ghana especially in hospitals and public-sector offices. Due to long queues, most Ghanaians are demotivated to take part in health benefitting activities such as vaccinations. Again, some Ghanaians pay bribes to public sector officials to avoid long queues and multiple visits to public sector offices for a service. This is one of many factors that accounts for the high bribery and corruption rate in Ghana. In this regard, this project sought to develop “zer0Clock”: a generic online appointment booking system that allows prior booking before an appointment. Requirements for this application were gathered from prospective users. On this platform, businesses and individuals can register and schedule their events. Clients can visit this platform and book an appointment to guarantee service completion on the day of visit and to avoid long queues. zer0Clock also has a video and live chat feature for virtual appointment execution. It also has a notification feature that ensures that clients who book appointments do not miss them by sending a reminder (usually 30 minutes before time). There is also a google map functionality that provide detailed direction for clients to navigate venues of appointments. There is a high level of conviction that this application will help reduce long queues if not eliminate them, because there has been a steep increase in internet usage in Africa over the past 10 years and all these vast number of internet users have the opportunity to use this application.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems, April 2018
queuing, online booking, web application