Assimilation of web technologies in firms’ supply chain management: A case of the Ghanaian events Industry

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This dissertation examines the supply chain framework of event planning firms in Ghana, with particular reference to the assimilation of technology in the supply chain function. The research seeks to ascertain how exactly, event firms integrate technology in their supply chain and what impact technology has on their supply chain framework. An emphasis was also placed on the type of technologies used in the industry and how quick events firms are in assimilating new technologies. The undergirding theory of the work was based on a supply chain frame work proposed by Lambart ., et al (19989) and Ranganathan ., et al(2006). The methodology employed in analyzing the supply chain framework and technology assimilation included phone and Skype interviews as well as questionnaires. Emails were sent to chief executive officers of event firms and Skype interviews were set. Questionnaires were sent to those who could not have time for interviews. The findings presented in this research consist of information obtained from a qualitative study of a sample of event planning firms in Accra. This study postulates that, there exists an inefficient supply chain frame work in the Ghanaian event firms due to long communication among stake holders. The Ghanaian events industry utilizes mobile applications more than web applications; however, the number of communication prolongs the process. Cross platform applications such as facebook and instagram can be used as web applications, however, industry members choose to use them as mobile applications because of their convenience and simplicity. The supply chain of the event planning industry can be improved by using a series of cross platform applications that can help reduce the communication process among the industry stakeholders. Technology assimilation is high and Social media is the main technology stream significantly used in the industry, the social media sector can be utilized to make communication faster and easier, rendering the supply chain framework efficient.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Management Information Systems, Ashesi University College, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems, April 2016
Ghana, supply chain management, event planning companies, technology