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Low cost, portable facial emotion recognition device for autistic children
(2021-05) Roberts, Jean Ewurama
This paper details the use of Raspberry Pi 4 to develop a facial emotion recognition device for autistic children. This device will be used to recognize seven basic emotions: Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Surprise and Neutrality. The face detection algorithm used is the Viola-Jones face algorithm whilst the feature extraction algorithm used is a fusion of local binary patterns and histogram of oriented gradients. The machine learning algorithm used for classification is the Linear Support Vector Machine. This system produced an accuracy of 35.68% with the most accurately classified emotion being happy. This paper investigates the use of both local binary patterns and histogram of oriented gradients as feature extraction methods as well as both Support Vector Machine and Multilayer perceptron neural network as classification methods.
Hospital management system
(2021-05) Parker, Nana Kwabena Ofori
This paper explores the gaps in the management systems used by healthcare institutions across Ghana as well as their flaws and the inefficiencies that follow. It further elaborates on the nature of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and the potential advantages it brings such as easy accessibility by patients, improved data protection and retention, data interoperability and many others. Additionally, the systems used to emulate the desired benefits derived from EHRs are broken down and discussed. The first aspect of the project seeks to measure patient vitals as well as monitor bed occupancy and transfer the recorded values to the hospital's database whereas the remaining portions deal with the transfer of patient data to requesting hospitals and enable patients privately view their data via smartphone. The paper concludes by reiterating the advantages EHRs brings to healthcare institutions while also shedding light on the challenges to be faced in the journey for a paperless healthcare management system.
Playground design for Kayayo Day Care Centre
(2021-05) Labiran, Oluwadamilola Gerald
Playgrounds are easily the most common and important forms of entertainment for young children. They provide a means for children to develop physically, through the movements made during play, and socially, through their interactions with other children while they play. These activities are all done within a safe environment that has been engineered to look aesthetically pleasing to children and ensure their safety while they have fun. However, despite their apparent benefits, the playgrounds available in Accra and other West African cities are very few, lack design creativity, and are often poorly maintained. This paper showcases a creative design for a set of playground structures for young children and the analysis done to ensure its safety. The playground was designed for the Kayayo day-care centre.
OSF-Hub: An online architectural project management system with an interactive page
(2021-05) Falase, Oluwafikunmi Oluwamayowa
Given the vast increase in technological advancement, almost everything is done online which includes the collecting, processing, organizing and storing data. The security measures put in place with a proper data management system far surpass the physical storage in terms of technology and space control. This is why a data management must be employed in every establishment. This project explores the benefits of a data management system for OSF Architectural Company, who could manage their company data better. However, it not only seeks to provide for them a better management system but also aims to use OSF as a base to expand the knowledge of architecture in Africa through an architectural interactive website. The goal is to ensure OSF is embodied in this technological advancing world.
Ashesi University: Facilitating research with Research Hub
(2021-05) Okechukwu, Chukwuemeka Ogochukwu
Research is an essential aspect of how faculty teaches at an institution. With the knowledge attained, they cannot only share it with their students but also provide more practical examples for them. Researching at Ashesi University can be challenging for their faculty, however. One of the problems faced is the lack of a platform for them to store and track research. Another issues would be not being aware of grant opportunities would help fund their research. The existing system involves the storing and distribution of research information through various communication channels. This project seeks to expland the scope of the current system by building a central and online research hub. For instance, administrators can post grant opportunities on the research hub for faculty members rather than sharing them via email.