Inventory management system for Denaks Frozen Foods

Agamah, Emmanuel
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Denaks Frozen Foods is a start-up in the heart of Jamestown (Accra, Ghana) which seeks to provide its customers (rich, middle-class and poor) with frozen foods. There are a variety of products it serves to the market. These products include fish, gizzard, chicken, and sausages. Dede Nakoh, the owner of the company, started the business to make profit after doing an intense study of the market. Currently, the company has four working staff excluding the owner, two salespeople and two butchers. The company aims at establishing more branches in Accra to become a well-known company in Ghana. However, the company faces a problem which is likely to prevent them from achieving their goals. The needs assessment conducted showed a poor inventory management system as the main problem the company faces. The company is unable to effectively and efficiently track and monitor its stock. Further analysis was done in through literature review to understand the problem better and gain mastery of the possible solutions to address the issue. The literature review highlights the various inventory management strategies which could be used by Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to monitor their inventory to yield maximum performance. These inventory strategies include Economic Order Quantity, ABC Analysis, Just-in-time and Enterprise Resources Planning. From the literature review, Orderly POS, an inventory management software and a Point of sale was the best solution to manage the inventory of the company. The software has relevant inventory management features which allows the user to monitor inventory, count products using a bar code scanner and signals the user when there is low inventory stock.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems, December 2019
inventory management , Accra , supply chain , frozen food industry , software