Energy monitoring for smart homes using Internet of Things

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The increasing demand for electricity in Ghana has led to concerns about energy conservation, to reduce the rising energy costs as well as the carbon emissions produced from energy generation. Popular energy conservation methods used in Ghana include turning off devices when not in use and using Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps in place of incandescent bulbs which consume more power. However, these methods do not have very significant results and are not very efficient. Additionally, the use of energy management systems or smart home systems is not very common in Ghana, although proven to be effective. Most approaches to smart energy management for households encompass sensor based or application-based control of devices and monitoring of energy consumption. However, in this project, the development of a smart home operated using both sensor-based and application-based control is explored while monitoring energy consumption. This is achieved using Internet of Things.
Capstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, May 2020
smart home, energy management, Internet of Things (IoT)