A customized mobile health appointment booking application for Gamma Health Consult Limited, Ghana

dc.contributor.authorDewortor, Yvonne
dc.descriptionApplied project submitted to the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, May 2021
dc.description.abstractAccording to research undertaken by Gamma Health Center (GHC), the geriatric (elderly) most at times become a burden for most working families as they must be catered for and sent to the hospital for regular routine checks, especially in situations where they have special health concerns. It becomes more challenging for such working guardians who may have to spend virtually all day or most of their working hours at the hospital with their elderly relatives for just a routine medical check-up. With the advancement in medical care and technology, and especially with a shift to preventive medicine, the geriatric population is expected to increase and with most families becoming a part of the working-class society, this will pose a serious problem in the society and the health sector as well. This project seeks to solve this problem by developing a web and mobile application for doctors and guardians or caretakers of geriatrics to help save their time by allowing them to schedule appointments for the routine checkup of their geriatric relatives.
dc.description.sponsorshipAshesi University
dc.subjectgeriatic health careen
dc.titleA customized mobile health appointment booking application for Gamma Health Consult Limited, Ghana
dc.typeApplied projecten
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