Legal management software

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As the world increasingly progresses towards a technology driven environment, the legal sector is not to be left behind. In the past years, clients got to know about lawyers through recommendation and at the same time lawyers had a challenge reaching out to their clients. Work was slow and tedious as research was conducted on dusty and old textbooks. The basis of this project is to bridge the technology gap between the lawyers and advocates in Africa. Firms that deal with legal services will most likely handle huge quantum of inventory and have to make sure that these files are readily available at the point of request by the court. It has therefore become necessary for these firms to employ a method that will securely handle this large data and readily avail it to more than one person at a time even though they are in different locations. The goal of this project is to develop an application that will aid lawyers to access the files from wherever they are, and quickly generate reports.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University College, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, April 2016
law firms, technology, legal management software, Africa