A real-time passenger information system for public transit systems in Accra

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Ashesi University
Transportation has played a vital role in the development of societies globally. The quality of services provided by a country’s transportation sector directly influences the productivity of a country’s citizens. In Ghana, the transportation services offered by public transport agencies are inefficient and unreliable. The lack of transit information about these services often cause a great level of inconvenience before, during and after an intra-city commute. With the development of mobile technology and global positioning systems, technology can immensely improve the services provided by the public transportation sector in Ghana. A mobile application which functions as a passenger information system is proposed in this project to provide relevant and real-time information to commuters in Accra. The proposed system allows transport managers and bus conductors to update information that can be viewed by commuters. It also allows commuters to view the estimated time of arrival of a bus operating along a route in real-time.
Applied Thesis submitted to the Department of Computer Science, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, April 2018
Transportation, development of societies, transportation sector, productivity, transit information, global positioning systems, passenger information system