Implementation of a GPS tracking system and a remote control interface for a mini-vehicle

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Car theft has become prominent all over Ghana in recent years. Despite its growing prominence throughout the country, measures to promptly recover stolen vehicles have often proved tedious and futile. To tackle this problem, this project aims to develop a remote control system and a model of a GPS tracking system which would together help vehicle owners swiftly recover their vehicles should the need arise. This was achieved by developing a mobile application to serve as an interface for remote control circuit integrated with a mini-vehicle. The developed interface provides an effective means of controlling the vehicle. To further improve upon this project, a WIFI module can be used to increase the range of control, while an ultrasonic sensor can be integrated into the vehicle to help avoid obstacles when controlling the vehicle remotely.
Capstone Project submitted to the Department of Engineering, Ashesi University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, April 2019
vehicle tracking system, stolen vehicles, mobile application, remote control unit