Climate Information Systems For Mitigating Climate Change in Livestock Production in Ghana

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As the earth's temperature changes throughout time, climate change has been a worldwide fight. The progression of climate change is likely to affect food security and promote poverty. Although there are several research papers on the effects of climate change on agriculture and the adaptation policies required to curb the effects on the industry, there is barely any research on the effect of climate change on livestock production. Therefore, this paper assesses the effects of climate change on livestock production in Ghana, determines the knowledge level and perceptions of smallholder farmers on the topic, and recommends how climate information systems can be used in creating policies and information dissemination to aid the mitigation of climate change. The research was sourced primarily from Tua and Yong in the Northern region of Ghana. Findings were analyzed using qualitative analysis. From the analysis, it was identified that climate change negatively impacted the socio-economic activities of livestock production by causing diseases in animals. These diseases cause a strain on the income of these smallholder farmers. Findings in the study suggest that climate information services are a highly effective method in combating climate change and promoting sustainable food security. Farmers, however, had little to no knowledge of climate information services. This study concluded then that the impacts of climate change could be curbed by providing information about climate to livestock farmers and ensuring proper information dissemination. Policymakers such as MESTI and NCCC should integrate climate-smart agriculture into livestock production in Ghana and give farmers technologies to help with their operations while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University College. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
Amoah, M. (2022). Climate Information Systems For Mitigating Climate Change in Livestock Production in Ghana, Undergraduate thesis. Ashesi University, Berekuso.53pgs.