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    Integrated marketing plan for Care Unit.
    (Ashesi University, 2020-04) Akuffo, Margaret
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Care Unit Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization founded by Ebenezer Attoh in 2013. It aims to improve the delivery of quick responses to healthcare issues in Ghana, through the use of well trained first aiders and first aid kits. However, the main vision or objective of the organization is to to preserve life and prevent avoidable deaths especially in communities that lack proper healthcare facilities. In its attempt to achieve this objective, the organization holds first aid training sessions or workshops with businesses such as banks, schools and churches, to train their employees on how administer care or first aid to an ill or injured person, using a first aid kit. A thorough study of the market and a needs assessment conducted revealed that the organization has a low customer base which is mainly because the demand for the services of the organization has plummeted since its establishment. The study also revealed that the root cause for this problem is that the organization lacks a well-structured service marketing promotional plan. The purpose of this project is to develop an integrated service marketing plan that will help increase awareness about the organization and its services, which will eventually increase its customer base and maintain it. It has been proposed that a service marketing plan, that focuses on improving promotion using the integrated marketing communication mix, will be the most effective in increasing the customer base of the organization. This is also intended to help the organization achieve its vision of preserving life and prevent avoidable deaths, especially in communities that lack proper healthcare facilities.
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    Improving how Minkah & Co promotes itself to reach its clientele
    ( 2020-05) Boateng, David
    Legal advertising in Ghana is banned by the law and seen as a disregard for the legal profession. This study was undertaken with a law firm in Ghana to understand how the firm markets its brand in a country where legal advertisement is illegal. 14 lawyers and 50 individuals helped in the research by filling questionnaires and participating in interviews. The research led to findings that there is an untapped market for legal services on the other outlets such as social media. Suggestions for heightened brand awareness included Search Engine Optimization, Newsletters, Having an Online Presence and Video Marketing.
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    Developing an integrated marketing communications plan for African Polistas
    ( 2020-05) Assiamah-Appiah, Brenda
    African Polisats is an organization that boasts of being a pan-African polo club deeply rooted in the Ghanaian and South African community. It is currently chaired by Harold Awuah - Darko. With the organization’s knowledge of polo and the aim of teaching and nurturing generations of horse lovers, the team recently introduced its riding school which targets not only the elite but horse lovers including children and all others willing to learn and play polo at a fee. Having been in operation for over a decade, the organization has acquired its clients mainly through referrals. This was as a result of low brand awareness among its potential customers. This conclusion was reached after an extensive needs assessment on the organization which exposed relevant gaps within the firm’s operations. In conducting this needs assessment, qualitative research was employed to gather in-depth analysis and specific themes related to the research topic. Methods employed included observations, semi-structured and unstructured interviews and internet research. Pictures were taken during periods of observations which can be found in the appendix. An aide-memoire guided the researcher through unstructured interviews. Interview guidelines aided the conduction of semi-structured interviews. Findings from the research showed low marketing efforts of African Polistas among potential clients. The marketing mix was then employed to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan which was best fit for the organization. Recommendations and conclusions were reached in the latter part of the chapters which illustrated the end of the project’s journey.
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    Evaluating the performance of Kantanka vehicles in the Ghanaian market; A focus on marketing and other input related factors
    ( 2020-05) Acheampong-Okyere, Aaron
    This thesis examines the automotive industry in Ghana with a focus on Kantanka Automobiles; the first indigenous automobile manufacturer in Ghana. Kantanka automobile Company Limited specializes in the manufacturing of both on-road and off-road vehicles that are designed to accommodate the Ghanaian and African terrain. This research paper sought to identify the factors affecting the firm’s performance with a focus on marketing and to determine the desirability of Kantanka vehicles to the Ghanaian consumer. This is a descriptive research which involves both primary and secondary data. The study was carried out primarily through questionnaires which to be disseminated to the employees of Kantanka Automobiles as well as selected persons in the labor force of the economy. An interview with the marketing manager of Kantanka Automobiles was also conducted to obtain relevant information for this study. The key findings of this study show that there is relatively low brand awareness of the indigenous vehicle manufacturer. It also shows that Kantanka Automobile Company Limited suffers from lack of financial support which is slowly crippling the firm belonging to the infant industry in the economy. Analyzing these findings, the study recommends that there is the need for relevant stakeholder engagement, including the government to help facilitate the provision of domestic automobile parts as well as manufacturing centres with modern tools and machinery to effectively aid the development of Kantanka Automobile Company Limited and the automobile industry. It also recommends that It would be of great benefit if the government of Ghana provides an enabling environment in the form of tax exemptions, and subsidies to reduce the burden on the indigenous vehicle manufacturer.
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    Exploring herding behaviour in mutual fund investor in Ghana
    ( 2020-05) Forson, Hannah Adjowa
    According to the classical economic theory, it is assumed that human beings make rational decisions by evaluating available information and evidence before making choices which will result in maximization of utility. This theory builds on the Efficient Market Hypothesis that suggests that stock prices are a true and fair reflection of market information. However, in practicality, studies have shown that humans do not make rational decisions instead, make decisions based on some behavioural influences like herding, anchoring and known as behavioural biases. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of herding behaviour on investment decisions of individual investors of mutual funds in Ghana. In recent history, Ghana has experienced and suffered a series of large-scale financial scam. The study collected primary data through a structured questionnaire among 70 mutual fund investors. Evidence of herding amongst mutual fund investors was tested using the chi-square test and the t-test. The results of the study show that there is the presence of herding behaviour when mutual fund investors are making investment choices. The study also concluded that gender does not influence the propensity of an investor to herd when investing. The results of this study will help investors understand how cognitive biases come to play in investor decision making.