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    Marketing strategy for PG Enterprise Solutions
    (2021-05) Awuah-Darko, Joseph
    This study examines the business situations of PG Enterprise Ltd, a subsidiary of Premium Group of Companies. PG Enterprise is a software company involved in IT consultancy and software distribution. Currently, the company has six working staff excluding the owner, formed largely of an administrative member, only 2 technically trained software developers and 3 hardware technicians. The short-term goal of PG Enterprise Solutions Ltd is scaling up within the first three years of operating and reaching a new demographic of clientele. This may involve creating new branches in key suburbs of Accra and fulfilling contracts beyond the existing group of companies it solely serves internally. In the long-run, PG Enterprise Solutions Ltd aims at maximizing profits and capturing a significant section of the IT Sector within the Ghanaian market. The vision of the company is (PG Enterprise, 2020) to “design tomorrow together”. However, despite these catchy aims and vision statements, the company has not got a consolidated marketing department that will be capable to reach out to the greater industrial public to increase the customer base and competitive advantage. This study therefore proposes a solution and implementation plan required to assist PG Enterprise build a consolidated marketing department that will be capable to help the firm achieve the organizational goals. The proposed solutions include, setting up a departmental space, recruiting marketing experts including website developer and manager, build a formidable website that will propagate the organization to the rest of the world, and package the business efficiently in the global scene to boost potential buyer confidence. The study therefore recommends that in putting up a functioning marketing department, the company needs to focus on website development which is a major tool for reaching out to the masses especially IT service consumers. In addition, appropriate logistics required to facilitate the activities of the department must be fully provided to enhance smooth operations.
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    Developing cost management system for Adil Foods
    (2021-05) Khan, Muhammad Talha
    Adil Foods Corporation is a food company that has recently stepped into the agricultural industry. The company operates in Multan, Pakistan, and has been operating since 2001. The company provides white meat and eggs to suppliers of the domestic market. The management of Adil Foods expressed that their business failed to achieve the profitability goal for the year 2020. Mr. Rashid, the CEO of Adil Foods, noted issues with the cost monitoring and data analysis. The tools used for data collection were structured interviews, observation, and the company’s financial & internal reports. The CEO, Financial manager, and production manager were interviewed. Framework analyses were used to analyze the data. The results revealed that the business failed to achieve its profitability goal due to a lack of data analyses. The lack of data analyses was leading to poor decision-making. The literature review explored functionalities, conceptual frameworks, and limitations of the Enterprise resource planning software (ERPs) and excel-based cost management system. The existing literature coupled with the primary research indicated that an excel-based cost management system is better for Adil Foods as it is cheaper and Adil Foods management is familiar with the software. The proposed solution is a tailor-made cost management system that uses variable costing and sensitivity analysis to compute valuable information and generate signals. The excel based cost management system also forecasts data which will assist managers in making rational and prompt decisions.
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    An operational overhaul of Mhoseenu Studios
    (2021-05) Anoff, Nana Afua Ladje
    Mhoseenu Design Studios is a full-service design studio located in Labone, Accra. The company currently has internal struggles with operational management. The problem areas include communication, the alignment of strategic objectives and employee actions, and a lack of an organisational structure. This project details an operational plan aimed at addressing all the problems identified. This project uses a qualitative research methods approach to analyse the problem by considering the stakeholders. These methods include interviews, questionnaires and observations. The data collected was analysed using a service blueprint, tables and word clouds. Analysis of the collected showed that employees of Mhoseenu are generally confused with communication during their first few weeks at Mhoseenu. Furthermore, potential clients are largely influenced by past client reviews and consider customer service a crucial factor in the selection of a creative service firm to work with. The company needs to operate a circular organogram in its structure to facilitate the smooth flow of communication. In addition, a bi-annual Line of Sight analysis should be conducted bi-annually to ensure that the management objectives are aligned with those of the staff. Lastly, an updated service blueprint is recommended to reduce the customer wait times. A quarterly review of the service blueprint is recommended. The sensitive nature of some client information may limit the effectiveness of some proposed changes to the service blueprint.
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    Revamping the Heden Golf Hotel in the post-coronavirus era
    (2021-05) Wognin, Jean-Loic Hermes
    Heden Golf Hotel is amongst the list of luxury hotels in Abidjan, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire, that host many business leaders from all over the World. It has been the place for many seminars and business conferences that took place in Cote d’Ivoire. Located in one of the beautiful areas of Cote d’Ivoire, Riviera Beverly Hills, Heden Golf Hotel is one of the best hotels in the business segment. However, since its opening in 1976, the hotel has never proceeded to a renovation program. After almost four decades of operation, the hotel needs to upgrade its services and facilities as many other new entrants offer modern equipment in their premises. As at now, Heden Golf Hotel needs a modernization that will come through a series of rebranding. With the pandemic, the hotel has lost the majority of its clients and now face financial challenges. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the hotel management realized that it needed to reevaluate its operations as travelers are less enthusiastic when it comes to stay in hotels. In its efforts to make the hotel experience safe for its guests, the hotel has taken certain actions related to operations management by implementing health and safety measures, but this does not seem enough to attract the clientele they are used to. Indeed, to increase their competitive advantage in the post-covid 19 era, Heden Golf Hotel is looking for a unique service identity that could be superior to competitors, thus needs to consider rebranding strategies. The purpose of this project, therefore, is to contribute to the fulfilment of the hotel’s goals by developing a new brand identity and formulating an implementation plan aimed at dissociating the hotel from its old image. This plan will focus on well-thought-out policy for handling the eradication of an aging brand name and suggest a new service delivery for the front desk staff, guest relations management, implement the rooms’ renovation process and external marketing communications while ensuring that the customer’s expectations will be met and exceeded.
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    Digital Marketing Strategy for Debbies Products Limited
    (2021-05) Awurama Aseda Atobrah, Awurama Aseda Atobrah
    Debbies Products Limited is a Ghanaian skin and hair care company established in 2007. The company manufactures and distributes a range of shea butter-based skincare products, a range of ‘Alata Samina’ or black soap-based skincare products, hair maintenance products, and lately, cleaning and sanitising products in response to COVID-19. Despite Debbies’ steady growth and strong presence in many West African countries, the company lack a Digital Marketing Strategy. The gaps in Digital Marketing, as outlined by the management of Debbies Products, are mainly limited access to all segments of its target market and making much sales online. The gaps mentioned above were studied by conducting a needs analysis using observation, in-depth interviews, and questionnaires. The study participants include the company's management, its customers, competitors, and members of the general public. The results supported the assumption that Debbies’ marketing strategy had not adequately evolved over the years to accommodate changes in the digital business climate. Thus, they were not fully reaching their target market and optimising their sales. The literature review touched on the various factors and models that influence digital marketing while tying in the e-commerce factor. This inclusion is necessary because digital marketing is essential in this era for stimulating sales. The proposed solution uses a comprehensive digital marketing strategy fused with the promotional mix elements to bridge Debbies’ marketing gap. The design touches on plans meant to implement across different platforms, including a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest. If implemented correctly, the strategy will help the company increase its market reach, engagement, and sales.