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    Strategic financial plan for Vera Causa Realty
    (2021-05) Evans, Diana Koshie
    The project identifies the problems of Vera Causa Realty, a Ghanaian real estate firm that has been in operation for five years. Vera Causa Realty provides affordable services for people looking to build their homes. However, the company has no financial plan; thus, they cannot evaluate an individual's current salary and future financial state by using present known variables to predict future income, asset values, and withdrawal plans. This project sought to create a stable financial plan for the company. The financial plan will contain the company's long-term monetary goals and strategies to achieve these goals. Some insights gained during the need assessment stage were that as a result of the company's current mode of financing, i.e., self-financing, they have not been able to create a solid financial plan. The assessment revealed that the company would update its mode of funding to best suit it in the long term. After extensive literature has been reviewed that financial planning requires six steps. These steps ensure that companies created a feasible and solid financial plan. More insight was gained in the understanding of the external financing processes in Ghana. Some requirements must be met to seek external funding from the financial institutions in Ghana successfully. The study proposed that Vera Causa Realty creates a financial plan to manage the company's long-term financial goals. However, if the company cannot do it, they can outsource to other companies that specialize.
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    A strategic plan to increase EMEX-PL’s client base
    (2021-05) Sekyi, Manuella Efua
    EMEX-PL Ghana Limited is a privately owned limited liability company that specializes in the sale of petrol and petroleum products to the public. Founded in 2017 by Mr. Jonathan Sekyi and Mr. Felix Dehye, the vision and goal of EMEX-PL is to grow and expand the company, as well as their overall market share in the market in the long run. EMEX-PL is currently working on expanding its retail filling stations and customer base. They however face the issue of the lack of a strong presence in the market, as a result of the current challenges and difficulties they face as a start-up oil company. The purpose of this project is to establish the problem faced by the company in achieving their set goals through research, and suggest solutions that would help EMEX-PL address this problem. EMEX-PL wishes to grow its customer base to achieve its long term goals of business expansion. The solution provided is tailored to engage active customer service strategies and marketing strategies that would attract EMEX-PL’s target customers, increase the chances of brand recognition of the company’s brand and develop a loyal customer base for EMEX-PL over time.
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    Designing a market segmentation and positioning strategy for Unitech Premiere Computers Limited
    (2021-05) Lassey, Mary Xorlali
    Unitech Premiere Computers is a computer retail outlet which was established in 2017 and currently located at Achimota. It provides computer gadgets, its accessories and repair services. After three years of operating in the computer retail industry, it aims to increase its market share by providing superior services to its customers. However, efforts to climb the competitive ladder have proved futile. To determine the cause of Unitech’s inability to increase market share, qualitative research was conducted. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect qualitative data from the Chief Executive Office and the General Manager while qualitative data was gathered from customers and potential customers via an online questionnaire. The collected data was analyzed using the root cause analytical tool. Analysis showed that the primary hindrances to Unitech’s market share acquisition is the absence of a precise market position and poor marketing strategies targeted at mass audiences. This project solved this problem through a proposed market segmentation and positioning strategy. The market segmentation defined the different customer groups that exists in the computer retail market. After segmenting the market, segments Unitech can competitively with its resources were highlighted. Then, various service and product attributes that are relevant to customers were identified from market research. Results were used to determine the current and aspired market position of Unitech concerning selected service and product attributes. The gap between the aspired and current market position of Unitech was bridged using bespoke marketing strategies. This solution would reflect positively into customer satisfaction, increased sales and ultimately market share acquisition.
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    Improved logistic management for NANAPATT Mattresses
    (2021-05) Berimah, Precious-Pearl Naneki
    NANAPATT Mattresses is an enterprise that started active operations in 2018. It was founded by Mr Moses Tetteh Berimah. It has a main branch and one subsidiary branch, both located in Madina, Ghana. It deals in the sale of foreign new mattresses and aims at providing its customers with quality mattresses of different sizes. Over the years, it was realized by the company that they were incurring high costs in their logistics management process, especially during the process of acquiring new consignments from the harbour. The hiring of different trucks to receive these consignments is costly because the prices they demand differ, and these differences are huge and keep increasing. Another issue that was noticed was that customers who made purchases faced difficulties transporting the mattresses to their various destinations. This project aims at improving the logistic management process of NANAPATT Mattresses. Some solutions to curb such gaps in logistics include; identifying an efficient and affordable transport company that would be responsible for transporting consignments on arrival from the harbour to the shops, purchasing trucks that would be used in transporting mattresses and also helping customers with their new purchases among others. The decision to outsource a business process is primarily based on the availability of resources in the business, how critical the process is and so on. The solution is a designed logistics framework that NANAPATT Mattresses can adopt in their transport process and inventory management. The aim is to explain the importance of taking outsourcing decisions and how they can be implemented. The solution includes decisions on multiple sourcing, the All shipments via intermediate distribution centre with storage transportation design and the Periodic inventory systems. (Chopra, 2016).
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    An integrated referral program for Vera Causa Realty Limited
    (2021-05) Obeng-Darko, Maame Afia Darkwaah
    This dissertation is an applied project report on Vera Causa Realty Limited that follows the requirements of Ashesi University from Chapters one to five. Vera Causa Realty is a boutique real estate development company established by the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), Anita Adobea Keteku-Arkutu. The principal marketing method of the company is through referrals and recommendations. However, the company lacks a referral system to acquire potential clients and keep up with existing clientele. This report encompasses an internal and external factors analysis of Vera Causa Realty using the PESTLE model. Then, it validates the ineffectiveness of the current marketing strategies using Needs Assessment research. Qualitative research using semi-formal interviews, surveys, and observations are data collection tools employed to identify the preferred marketing system. The results of the study brought to light how much the firm relied on recommendations and referrals. The research also confirmed the lack of an easy-to-use referral system for their marketing. Through secondary research of academic sources, there was the identification that a referral program is needed to grow the business clientele. This growth will be possible through networks of its existing customers and social media influencers. The ripple effects of Relationship Marketing make it important for the solution. Using the six principles of the STEPPS model, Vera Causa Realty will increase sales through referrals by 45%, by incentivizing existing customers and using their employees as advocates. A Referral Program to tackle the marketing inconsistencies of Vera Causa Realty, increase sales, increase client acquisition and retention, and improve the firm's brand awareness is the objective of this applied project.