An investigation into the history and effectiveness of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution and its impact on Ghana’s past and future development aspirations

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This thesis seeks to explore the history of Ghana’s 1992 constitution by outlining Ghana’s constitutional history since independence. The study seeks to determine what the impact of this constitution has been on Ghana’s governance processes. It also wants to determine how Ghanaians can achieve better governance outcomes in spite of the shortcomings in the constitution that have been revealed by legal and economic scholars as well as political scientists or by modifying and amending the constitution for effectiveness. The research questions tackled in the thesis are: What is the history of Ghana’s current 1992 constitution? What has been the impact of this history on the quality of governance processes over time? What are the main weaknesses in Ghana’s 1992 constitution that subvert good governance and why do they persist? In what ways can Ghanaians as a body politic undermine these self-defeating aspects of the 1992 constitution to nurture good governance? The research employs a descriptive research design and uses secondary data on Ghana’s economy and governance spanning the years, 1980 to 2019 where data for those years is available. Qualitative data on the pitfalls of the constitution as it relates to governance was sourced from the Report of the Constitutional Review Commission. The research also relies on analysis of Ghana’s constitutional and governance history from various scholars. The principal finding is that the constitution directly impact governance in Ghana in several negative ways. These findings imply that there is the need to take seriously constitutional reform in Ghana. Key words: Governance, Constitution, Development, Governance Indicators
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2021
governance, constitutional reform