Improving customer satisfaction at Mahorgany Health Foods Ltd

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Mahorgany Health Foods Ltd is an organic health food store and restaurant that specializes in freshly made vegan foods, with strengths such as cleanliness and good presentation, a convenient location, and considering culture in meal design. However, the management of Mahorgany, in an interview, noted issues with the level of customer satisfaction, mainly caused by long serving time. Data collection during needs assessment was by interviews and observation. Managers, employees, and customers were the three groups of participants interviewed. The Ishikawa diagram and service blueprint were used to analyze the data. The results confirmed that the low level of customer satisfaction was caused by long-serving time, but also by consistent unavailability of menu items, and mediocre customer service stemming from poor employee attitude. The literature review looked at the effect of customer satisfaction on restaurants and how service quality affects customer satisfaction. It focused on the link between customer service and customer satisfaction, and that between wait time and customer satisfaction. It then evaluated the various service quality and service mapping models that could be used to improve customer satisfaction. The proposed solution uses a service blueprint to tackle the three contributing factors of low customer satisfaction affecting Mahorgany. The blueprint of Mahorgany was re-designed to include work scheduling, employee training, warming equipment, and a double menu system. This service blueprint, if adopted with the help of committed management, will improve the level of customer satisfaction experienced by the customer at Mahorgany.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2020
customer service, Mahorgany Health Foods, vegetarian restaurant, service blueprint