A feasibility study into the establishment of a Gambian restaurant in Accra

Jallow, Sukai
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Travelling to a new environment comes with experiencing new cultures which can lead to cultural shock. Food is one of the factors that cause cultural shock because it differs from one country to another. However, in this interconnected world, experiencing cultural shock because of food can be reduced because countries are now establishing restaurants all over the world where they serve their home meals. The establishment of ethnic restaurants in many parts of the world has made it possible for people to experience foreign dishes without leaving their country and enjoy their home dishes while away. However, Gambians and people who will like to try Gambian dishes are missing on this opportunity because there is no Gambian cuisine restaurant in Accra. This study, therefore, proposes a Gambian cuisine restaurant as a solution to this issue and investigates whether it will be a viable business from a demand point of view. To help achieve this, a field survey was conducted, and questionnaires were administered to 208 respondents including Gambians and other nationals aged 15 years and above, residing in Accra. Interview questions were also administered to 12 participants. In addition, the owner of an ethnic restaurants in Accra was interviewed to highlight the challenges the proposed restaurant is likely to encounter. Finally, a PESTLE analysis was conducted to assess the feasibility and challenges of the proposed restaurant. Findings from the data shows that majority of the respondents are willing to patronize the proposed restaurant. Also, from the PESTLE analysis, the proposed restaurant is feasible, and it will be a viable business from a demand point of view.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2018
Gambia , cuisine , business , feasibility , Accra , ethnic restaurant