Exploring Digital Opportunities for Retailers in the Construction Industry: The Case of Atala Limited

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Ashesi University
Atala Limited is a Limited Liability company founded by Mr. Kwaku Atala Asante as a sole enterprise in 1986 before it was later converted to a limited liability company in 1998. It aims to provide the public with quality building materials at affordable prices and to contribute to the overall development of the real estate industry by collaborating with public and private developers on projects. Atala envisions to become the leading supplier of quality steel products and building materials in Ghana. A thorough study of the market and a needs assessment conducted revealed that, Atala Limited operates in a fiercely competitive market that sells comparable products at comparable prices. The organization is faced with fierce competition from existing competitors and new entrants. Therefore, to remain competitive and profitable, it is crucial for Atala Limited to pursue a differentiation strategy that would set it apart from competition. Research conducted and literature reviews studied revealed that, consumers in the industry are highly price sensitive. They are drawn by complementary services such as free delivery of products, bonuses etc. and good customer service. At the end of this study, the writers propose as a solution, the creation of a multipurpose website (to increase market reach and revenue) and a social media strategy (enhancing customer experience and increasing brand awareness). This report covers the company and industrial analysis, needs assessment, business case, solutions and implementation plan and ends with the conclusion and recommendations.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration & Computer Science and Information Systems, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Management Information Systems, May 2022
Bridget Egbenya, Marie Aimée Nirere, & Michael Twene Osei. (2022). Exploring Digital Opportunities for Retailers in the Construction Industry: The Case of Atala Limited. Ashesi University.