Medifem Hospital – Efficient Customer Journey/Experience

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Ashesi University
The mission of Medifem is to provide cherished healthcare experiences to improve the quality of life of patients, their families, and the community. Medifem’s ways of communicating with their customers have not given their customers the desired customer experience. Front desk interaction with customers is unwelcoming. Customers also struggle to find their way around the hospital. As a result, Medifem's healthcare service communication methods need to be improved to enhance client interaction and experience. With that, the team explored solution frameworks and technology that will enable Medifem to match its exceptional healthcare service ambit to its service delivery approach. The purpose of this project is to improve the customer journey experience at Medifem through effective communication methods that provide a more enhanced/immersive experience for its customers. To achieve an efficient customer experience, the team has designed a customer service training manuals which would be used to create a comprehensive customer service training framework by the respective Medifem team to help improve front desk interactions. Also, the team has created Medifem hospital maps to help customers easily navigate Medifem.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2022
Salifu, A., Yemofio, D., & Kulondwa, S. (2022). Medifem Hospital – Efficient Customer Journey/Experience. Ashesi University.