Leveraging Technology to Improve Stock and Inventory Management at PharmaGeorge Chemist

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Ashesi University
PharmaGeorge Chemist is a registered limited liability pharmaceutical company in Ghana, with most of its operations centered in the Greater Accra region. The company began operating a wholesale pharmacy in 2014 to procure stock and supply to PharmaGeorge Chemist retail outlets and other retail outlets in Accra. Though poised as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ghana with seven retail outlets dotted across Accra, the firm regularly has challenges maintaining adequate stock levels, threatening several retail outlets with a shortage of drugs. After an extensive needs assessment and situational analysis by conducting interviews with PharmaGeorge Chemist employees, it was deduced that the company was facing was due to the lack of a coordinated procurement process which often results in miscommunication between different departments. This project aims to present a procurement process guideline and a change management strategy for Pharma George’s inventory management system to improve the procurement and ordering system at PharmaGeorge Chemist and a training strategy for its employees on its inventory management system (Trademaster) to eliminate the uncoordinated procurement and poor dissemination of information at PharmaGeorge Chemist.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration & Computer Science and Information Systems, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Management Information Systems, May 2022
Kennedy Fosu, Mojisola Otusheso, & Maame Ama Serwah Ntim. (2022). Leveraging Technology to Improve Stock and Inventory Management at PharmaGeorge Chemist. Ashesi University.