A Review of Digital Marketing Strategies: SMEs in Ghana

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Ashesi University
The use of digital marketing strategies has become widespread, not only among large companies but also among smaller organisations and companies such as SMEs. Although some SMEs have been able to successfully inculcate digital marketing strategies into their operations, others struggle to do so due to various factors which this research study aims to reveal. There are several types of digital marketing strategies and different companies will require different strategies to get the most out of it. This study focuses on three main Industries and these are the healthcare industry, the food and beverage industry and the real estate industry. One aim of this study is to identify the various reasons why the SMEs under consideration use or do not use digital marketing strategies. This comparative study utilises the qualitative research method, specifically interviews to understand the digital marketing strategies SMEs utilise as well as how it contributes to the success of their company. Data was collected through audio recordings from respondents who answered questions related to marketing strategies (digital and traditional marketing strategies). Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. Results from the study showed that SMEs using digital marketing recorded more benefits such as online visibility, attracting a wider net of customers as well as improved sales. SMEs who use traditional marketing however had the opposite reactions as they complained about low sales and lack of customers. Other results also proved that digital marketing strategies tended to be more effective as compared to traditional marketing. The implications of this study add to previous literature and affirm the importance of digital marketing to the business world especially SMEs in Ghana. It also reveals the need to switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing as the world is extensively expanding into a digital world.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2022
Owusu-Forfie, J. N. (2022). A Review of Digital Marketing Strategies: SMEs in Ghana. Ashesi University.