Managing Crisis in Small Hotels to Improve Business Continuity

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Ashesi University
Generally, small-to-medium size hotels contribute to the creation of jobs, economic development and wealth generation. According to the Insurance Information Institute, (2010) 40% of small firms never reopen after a disaster; only 26% of small-to-medium-sized enterprises have a disaster plan, and 75% of the largest section of the industry has none. Due to the temporary closing of international borders as a result of the global pandemic (COVID19), the hospitality industry has been severely impacted, with hotels, restaurants, other destinations, and source markets suspending operations and commercial activity (Hartman & Nickerson, 2020; Kim, Kim, & Park, 2020; Nastopoulos, 2020). This paper investigated the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on small hotels in Accra, Ghana and the existing strategies employed by the hotel industry to mitigate the adverse effects of disasters and how effective they have been. Further, the study also sought to explore the level of disaster preparedness and identify patterns in the business operations to develop a generic solution that will work best for small hotels used in this study. The study employed a phenomenological approach as it allowed for an in-depth understanding of how the crisis has impacted small hotels. Using data collected from managers from six small hotels in Tema on their perspectives and lived experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, the study contributed to understanding the level of preparedness of small hotels and developing coping strategies that can be adopted to enhance future crisis management and avert closures of the small-hotels. The study had implications for policy makers and other stakeholders that can ensure business continuity and economic development in Ghana and across the region.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2022
Sackitey-Matey, R. N. (2022). Managing Crisis in Small Hotels to Improve Business Continuity. Ashesi University.