Investigating job satisfaction of caregivers at the SOS Children’s Village (Tema) and Osu Children’s Home

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This disserta tion investigated the extent to which caregivers at the SOS Children’s Village and Osu Children’s Home are satisfied with their jobs . The theory guiding this study is Herzberg’s two factor theory which proposes that the factors that cause satisfaction are distinctly different from factors that cause dissatisfaction hence the hygiene and motivation factors. Through surveys and interaction with the caregivers at the two institutional homes, it was established that to a large extent caregivers are not satisfie d with their jobs. The study further went on to identify factors at the institutions that caused job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction. General working conditions and work relatio nships were identified as factors leading to job satisfaction where as low level of motivations were associated pay and promotion potential, opportunity to use kill and talent and work activities. This study will guide child care institutions on ways of controlling and preventing feelings of dissatisfaction as well as ways of mot ivating their staff (caregivers) to deliver the best care services. The study will aid improve human resource management practices so that the overall objectives of the institution can be achieved.
Thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University College, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2011
Ghana, job motivation, job satisfaction, Osu Children's Home, SOS Children's Village