Corporate Governance and Human Resource Function of Pharmageorge

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Ashesi University
The PharmaGeorge Work Package 1 consulting team was tasked with finding solutions to corporate governance and human resource management problems that had been plaguing PharmaGeorge Chemists Ltd, a pharmaceutical company which deals in the retail, wholesale, and production of pharmaceutical products within the Greater Accra Region. The brief provided to us by officials within PharmaGeorge indicated that there was no human resource department nor was there a board of directors. They also noted the lack of a performance management system, standard operating protocols, and a clear, concise management structure. Armed with this knowledge, the consulting group conducted an internal scan of the organisation and analysed the wider Ghanaian pharmaceutical industry. The consulting group went on to conduct a situational analysis and needs assessment research of PharmaGeorge. The group settled on the use of a qualitative research method, specifically the interviewing of some employees and management of PharmaGeorge to source out the problems; corporate governance, and human resources management wise. After an analysis using the content analysis tool, it was clear that PharmaGeorge did not have a clear, understandable, and documented governance structure. Employees are also unsure of the hierarchy, reporting lines and do not possess a document outlining their job responsibilities. PharmaGeorge also lacked data on the performance of its employees, making it difficult for the company to assess what gaps needed to be filled. After an extensive desk study plus reviewing of the results of the needs assessment, it was determined that the optimum solutions to the corporate governance and human resources management issues of PharmaGeorge Chemists Ltd is a corporate governance framework/strategy that details a board structure, an organogram, job descriptions for every role within PharmaGeorge and a performance management system.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, May 2022
Barima Peprah-Agyemang, Yesha Sanakey, & Zoe Zanu. (2022). Corporate Governance and Human Resource Function of Pharmageorge. Ashesi University.