Consumer insights and analytics: Analyzing its use in and impact on marketing campaigns in Ghana

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Currently, Ghana lags in the use of data for organizational and governmental decision-making (Kyeremanten-Jimoh, 2018). Unlike developed economies which are mostly data-driven because of the availability of various of technologies which allow for effective data analysis for needed insights, Ghana is still trying to find its feet within the field of technology and is assumed not to necessarily regard the importance of and role of harnessing data for every decision made towards fueling the economy for success. Subsequently, there is not enough literature on how consumer data and consumer insights are employed in the preparation of marketing campaigns tailored to the Ghanaian market or public. This resulted in carrying out a qualitative study to explore the current situation surrounding the use of consumer data and insights on marketing campaigns with a focus on organizations in the Ghanaian mobile telecommunications industry. Findings revealed that organizations are not fully aware of the implications of employing analytics on consumer data that their various operations generate to attain insights. The mobile telecommunications industry is an industry that generates huge sets of consumer data due to the proliferation of mobile phones and other technologies; thus, it tries to capitalize on data generated to fuel its marketing campaigns and decisions. Recommendations from this study include the need to train marketers with regards to consumer insights, the need to use analytics on data that companies in the industry generate, and the need to have an insights generation framework among others. This would help organizations within the industry possibly experience the full benefits of using consumer data and insights in their marketing campaigns.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2019
Ghana, consumer data, marketing campaigns, telecommunications, consumer insights