Improving the service delivery of Tenack Beach Resot and Hotels through specific operational intervention.

n.d. [2019-04?]
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With increased competition in the hospitality industry, many hotels have had their fair share of struggles to be the number one option in their customer’s mind. Due to this competition, pricing is no longer an essential but rather quality services and experiences. With Tenack Beach Resort’s vision in upgrading its star rating by 2020, it is on course in improving its facilities and experiences, but through research, a gap in their services was discovered. The project was carried out to identify the fail points and bottlenecks of the hotel’s service delivery process that needed urgent attention. Semi-structure interviews, observations, and internet research were conducted to obtain information and also understand the operations of the hotel goes through in delivering its services. A department in the hotel that needed urgent attention was the restaurant. The restaurant was the main focus because first of all, it was the hotel’s primary source of income. Also, the restaurant was the department that had the most complaint and lastly based on the research, improving the restaurant would increase its revenue. In solving this problem, a service blueprint was created first to understand the process customers go through, the difficulty they encounter in experiencing the services, the activities that go on in the backend and the support process available in the restaurant. After that, a new service blueprint was created and the fail points, waiting time and potential problem areas were eliminated from the blueprint. In addition to the solution, key performance indicators were also established to ensure that the works of each department were measured, and measurements could inform them of the areas to improve and the areas to maintain.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, [April 2019?]
Ghana, hospitality industry, restaurant service, service blueprint