Investigating student success factors in a top-quality Ghanaian university: A focus on Ashesi University

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This study aimed to collate and analyze the views of students and graduates of Ashesi University, a top African university, on the relevant factors which significantly influence their academic performance. The research was motivated by the desire of some university officials to identify the specific aspects of Ashesi’s “modified liberal arts model” which most significantly impact students’ academic performance and enable them to do so well in the job market. The questions this study sought to answer were: Which factors significantly impact the academic performance of Ashesi students and how do students rate the factors affecting their academic performance? The research employed a sequential, transformative mixed methods strategy where both qualitative (interviews) and quantitative data collection techniques (questionnaires) were used. The sample comprised of 132 current Ashesi University students and alumni. The results show that significant factors affecting student performance include the ability to think critically, adequate sleep, having a scholarship, proper time management, sitting at or near the front of the lecture hall and student ownership of a laptop. Respondents also identified lecturer support, Ashesi learning resources such as access to an internet connection, student-peer support learning as well as the spirituality of the individual student as significant to their performance. This study recommends improvement in the provision of learning resources such as a stable, all day, all week, round the clock internet connection. This study also suggests that lecturers should continue being actively engaged in students’ performance beyond the classroom by providing needed advice and support.
Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Department of Business Administration, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, April 2019
Ashesi University, academic performance, liberal arts, employable skills, teamwork