TheoVision International – Data Management

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Ashesi University
Data is a key resource in businesses; however, success in a business cannot be achieved by merely possessing such resources but by efficient utilization (Maritz,2003). According to Lessing and Scheepers (2001), data forms part of businesses’ strategic and operational resources. Therefore, data management is a crucial component of all businesses; hence companies need to implement efficient data management systems that reflect their mission and organizational processes to ensure the proper utilization of the available data. This report details a company profiling and internal analysis of TheoVision International to provide an in-depth overview of the organization and its operations. This is followed by an environmental scan of the organization to understand the industry dynamics and TheoVision International’s position within the industry. From research conducted, TheoVision International has a reputable brand among its immediate stakeholders. The organization also operates in a moderately competitive market, with technology being a major influencing factor in the operations and functioning of most organizations in the industry. To determine the needs of the organization in data management, an extensive needs assessment was conducted to ascertain the gaps between the current state of data management and the desired state. It was discovered that TheoVision International has an existing system to leverage data organization, project tracking, and collaboration; however, this system is not being fully utilized. Using the ADKAR model for change management, a change and resistance management strategy was developed to ensure effective use of the current system. The solution was evaluated based on the solution matrix developed, literature reviews as well as the goals and objectives of the organization with respect to data management. A step-by-step implementation plan was designed to help the organization successfully implement and execute the strategy.
Applied project submitted to the Department of Business Administration & Computer Science and Information Systems, Ashesi University, in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems, May 2022
Marcellina Kazare, Ndaale Ansah, & Zelia Amonebaafe Abdul-Mumin. (2022). TheoVision International – Data Management. Ashesi University.